May 2014


With the rise of wearable technology and self-monitoring apps, it has become easier to observe our own health on a daily basis. The Quantified Self movement plays an important role when it comes to prevention as health care costs are continuing to rise. Companies such as Nike incorporate Quantified Self technology in sports gear to give insight into fitness routines. Other apps make it possible to keep tabs on your food intake, sleeping patterns and even mental states.
For this particular project we were invited by Philips in Eindhoven to come up with a concept based on the Quantified Self. Whilst doing research on existing self-monitoring technology, it occurred to us that there is so much on the market, yet hardly any of these technologies cooperate with each other. The Quantified Self citizen has to answer to numerous apps and devices and draw his or her own conclusions from all the data. What if there is a place where the separate data streams are brought together and translated to one uniform interface? Thus, we came up with Togather. Togather is a device that does exactly that.

Poster shape generator personal Togather object

Interface sketch

Logo sketches

Logo sketches

Final interface and working app

Demo video Togather

Concept sketch for Philips visit to ArtEZ