Coming soon!

May 2015


The following two projects will appear on my website soon.
The first project is an assignment for the Ruimtekoers Festival in Arnhem to raise awareness for the amount of unoccupated buildings and spaces of the city. One of the empty buildings is the old ABN AMRO building which was available to us. The 4-week had to build up over time and with the interaction of visitors. I was interested in filling the room with enflatable objects which left a trace of that person's breath. I studied inks, paints and other substances which reacted with oxygen, warmth or carbon dioxide. In the end I decide to use balloons and eternalise the shape by dipping or filling them with plaster. The final outcome were balloons filled with seeds attached to a wooden frame with elastic bands hanging from the ceiling. When pulled, the balloons shoot back into the air and create a sound.
The second project is a feedback loop based on the principle of conductive solutions such as salt water. The lights are connected to relays which are switched on and off when they com in contact with salt water. The salt water is encapsulated in a plastic ball and brought into motion by a servo motor which move every now and then. Once one light is switched on, the motor moves faster, creating a flickering light sequence.

First lamp test model

Deflated baloon with plaster on the inside

Balloons with seeds attached to elastics

Balloons covered with plaster

Balloons with cracked plaster layer