Stickers of Arnhem

October 2014


No matter where I go or which city I am in, I always come across many different types of stickers that have been stuck onto street lights, parking meters, doors and dustbins. Most stickers advertise something, whereas others are like a graffiti artist's tag. This website is a visualisation of every single sticker which I was able to spot on the route I take every day to school. I took a picture of each sticker with mo phone in order to use the location data to map the stickers. each sticker has been color coded, each color represents the type of sticker it is. By hovering over the sticker locations, the corresponding picture of the sticker will appear. By zooming out, you can see the entire route I walk to school.

Starting point: school

Area with high sticker density

Hovering over a sticker location shows the corresponding image

Final destination: home

Stickers on a pole

Stickers on a pole

Stickers on a post box

Stickers on an electricity box