Revolution of Resolution

October 2013


A glitch in a digital file can be caused when files of a certain format are opened in the wrong software. Audio software can interpret certain image files and translate them into sound. The Revolution of Evolution is a short film, which is the result of a workshop by Rosa Menkman at the Art Academy in Linz, Austria. A blank page was scanned at different resolutions. The scanner makes a different sound for the different resolutions it scans. These different sounds were recorded for 100dpi too 1000dpi with steps of 100 each time. These audio files where converted to a jpeg file which revealed a glitch-ish image. Amy Frances Whittle, Stefani Moshammer and I put our heads together to create this video, which shows the converted image per resolution settings with the corresponding sound of the scanner at the same speed at which the image was scanned. The higher the resolution, the more detailed the image and the lengthier the soundtrack.

Video "Revolution of Resolution"

Scan of white page at 100dpi

Scan of white page at 200dpi

Scan of white page at 300dpi

Scan of white page at 400dpi

Scan of white page at 600dpi

Scan of white page at 700dpi

Scan of white page at 800dpi

Scan of white page at 900dpi

Scan of white page at 1000dpi