Design for Designs

June 2013


Designs for Designs is a book containing all the articles I used as a reference in a history of art essay. The title corresponds with the main topic, namely the growing human interaction or interference in contemporary design. Today’s consumer wants to customize and show their own signature on products like NikeID shoes. Other artist let the outcome of their work depend on the input of the public, but when does the intervention of the public go too far?
This question has been incorporated in the design of the book: to be able to read the content pages have to be folded, torn out and or rearranged. The typography on the cover of the book has been stamped with 3D printed letters. The letters are a combination of two designs and can combined to the taste and desire of the user.

3D printed letters.

Self created two-piece font.

2 halves of the letter 'S'.

Table of contents.

Page only legible once folded.

Interactive pages.

Instructions in the book.