Spin Art

January 2014


The idea for the Spin Art Machine came to life when I decided to put paint in a lettuce dryer and spin it around to see what happens. I then placed the lettuce dryer on the pin of ventilator for a higher speed. The centrifugal forces draws the paint outwards creating patterns and new colours as the paint mixes.

Spin art has been used by artists such as Damien Hirst, but also French film director Michel Gondry. He is well known for his collaboration with big names such as Radiohead, Beck and especially Bjork in the production of the music videos. For one of her music videos, Gondry has designed a spin art piano which she plays to create a visual effect.

Like with Gondry’s installation this spin art machine has an iPhone installed on the same axis which causes the canvas to spin. As the camera is pinning at the same speed, the canvas appears not to be moving on film so you can see how the patterns are being formed.

Collection of spin art studies

Spin Art Table installation

Computer for Airplay projection from the iPhone