About Me

My name is Missy Skae and I am an Interaction Design student at the ArtEZ Instite of Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands. As an Interaction Designer I explore the relationship between humans and technology. In today's society technology and the internet have become a ubiqitous part of our lives and to me it seems like we are becoming more and more isolated rather then being connected. We are exposed to countless (digital) images, signals and interfaces and have become accustomed to design which hides the mechanism of these technolgies. Are our other senses such as touch and taste being surpressed? My work focusses on tangible interaction to connect people with each other, their memories or non visionary senses. I like to incorporate hearing, touching, tasting, smelling but also team work and intuition to bring people in contact with the tactile, sensory dimensions of design.

My inspiration often stems from things that fascinated me as a child, things I have seen and learned during my travels and phenomena within physics, biology and chemistry. The crossover of disciplines has always fascinated me; designers working together with scientists, researchers, programmers and people from many different fields of knowledge to push the boundaries of interactive design create an engaging experience for the audience.


  • Gemeentelijk Gymnasium, Hilversum, the Netherlands: September 2005 - July 2007.
  • RSG Broklede, Bilingual International Baccalaureate A2 Higher Level, Breukelen, the Netherlands: September 2007 - July 2011.
  • Preliminary Training, ArtEZ Institute of Arts, Arnhem, the Netherlands: September 2011 -Febuary 2012.
  • Interaction Design, ArtEZ Institute of Arts, Arnhem, the Netherlands: September 2012 -now.
  • Minor 'Physical Computing', ArtEZ Institute of Arts in collaboration with Product Design, Arnhem, the Netherlands: September 2014 - Febuary 2015.


  • Speaker at the Speech Day for third year biligual students- RSG Broklede, December 2007.
  • Distinction level, Anglia Exam, April 2009.
  • International Baccaleureate English A2 Higher Level Diploma 2011, Grade 7 (on a scale from 1-7).
  • Exchange and collaboration with students of the media artist Tina Frank - Kunstuniversitat Linz, Austria, October 2013.
  • 'Quantified Self' project commissioned by Philips in Eindhoven' the Netherlands, March 2014 - June 2014.
  • 'Scale Model Arnhem' commissioned by CASA, Centre for Architecture and Urban Planning Arnhem.
  • 'Wave' installation exhibited at the TAC building in Einhoven in commission of the third year minor 'Physical Computing' - Dutch Design Week October 2014.
  • 'Songs of the Second Floor' project exhibited at the movie house in Oosterbeek, commissioned by Scarabee.